Survive Spain


Introducing an innovative way of learning Spanish.

We teach Spanish in a different way. Developing our own methodology mixing ''Flipped Classroom'' and ''Situation Based Learning'' K Pop is a musical phenomenon that is creating a global trend. 

We are targetting Asian Market, concretely Korea and China. These are strategical places in where the Spanish language learning is growing enormously. Our customers are young bilingual people seeking on learning a third language. Spanish is the most chosen due to the big size of native speakers in the wolrd. It is an strategical language to learn if we think on getting a job or working internationally.

We understand the importance on providing a competent online service to satisfy our customer's needs. 
We are currently offering online services in Shanghai, China and offline lessons on Seoul, Korea. Our large team of native Spanish speakers gives us the ressources to provide this service. 
Even if we are a young project, we are growing fast. Next months we will be in Asia pushing this startup as one of our team's priorities.