La Trastienda

This is a social project.

We identified a pain local business owners were facing in Bilbao, Basque country. With globalization their businesses are being damaged and their sales are dropping drastically. Big multinationals sell cheaper and are easily find on maps, social media and other online platforms. 
We decided if was not acceptable to lose local businesses, which sell better quality products and worked hard to achieve the place they are in right now. 
Some of these amazing groceries stores, hand made products were unknown because of their lack of online marketing. 

As a team we thought we could do a commercial for them, since we had enough tecnological ressources for it. The problem was there how to make them shine to the fullest, maybe going further than a simple commercial than any other company could do.
We came up with the idea of ''En la trastienda''. This translated means ''At the back of the shop'' . We starting make short videos in which we would go over the story of the shop, who was behind it's creation. Going more personal and connecting with the viewers through emotions.
We had a lot of fun developing this project, and we got to meet amazing people with incredible stories. We didn't charge anything to the stores, but we used an sponsorship from the townhall who also wanted to promote local commerce.We are looking further to able to develop something similar in Asia, where the local market is also suffering because of big coorporations.

Captura de pantalla 2020-03-24 a las 11.