Our background

Over three years across the globe

Our university framework is not the conventional one. We are part of Mondragón Team Academy, a huge network of over a 1000 entrepreneurs inside the Mondragón COOP. 


As part of our learning process in our business major, we develop sustainable projects and work in teams.

We get the knowledge by testing and failing with our projects. We learn from reality.

We travel to cities where it's strong startup ecosystem is well known worldwide.
The goal is to expand our network as much and adapt our projects to the current markets we are in. This background makes us experienced on global economy, trends and innovation.

There is no such place as Shanghai, our Home.

Right now, our team is multi located. Part of us is in Seoul, Korea while the rest are currently working in Berlin, Germany.
We are preparing a strategy of going back to Shanghai, China. This is the last step towards finishing our learning process. For the next year, we have the chance of launching our business projects in the Chinese market or follow the academical internship in which we will be selected to help another company overcome a challenge in our expertise field.


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